World Wide Woven Bodies (2016)

The 90s. Internet porn comes to Northern-Norway. A cumming-of-age story by Truls Krane Meby, a very talented Norwegian writer and director. "With World Wide Woven Bodies, I wanted to be back in the 90s, right there at the arrival of the internet, to once again feel how it was when that new frontier opened up, to give a sense of some of the new complications that arose as a part of it. I wanted to show how the internet always has been intimately connected to our intimate parts, given its free-flowing uncensored nature and the relative ease of covering the tracks of one’s hidden passions. As the internet gets more and more incorporated into our lives, and probably, eventually, our flesh, this connection will grow all the more. This can be considered an origin story of this connection."
Posted in Award Winning Short Films.

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