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This process is one of the most important, too often overlooked. Plan! Schedule with problems in mind and plan your shots because there will always be more than expected.

- Define the target Audience
- Determine the concept
- Choose the style
- Develop the script and storyboard


Plan for enough time to do the best you can, working with professionals will make your life much easier.

- Shoot the video
- Shoot B-Roll footage if needed
- Shoot as much as you can, a look can tell
  more than a thousand words
- Capture great quality sound
- Record the narration


This is the moment it all comes together.
"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts"

- Import the video to an editing software
- Create music, sound effects and visual
- Create titles, subtitles and credits
- Export final video

Just Wrapped. My most recent work!

Post production for Global Witness.

Music Videos

Incredible Artists.

Event Videos

We make great trailers to make your film stand out

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A series of videos for the Meditation Trust

An in depth exploration of what Transcendental Meditation is with the founder and director of the Meditation Trust, Colin Beckley.

Interview with Colin Beckley

A Fibreshed for London (2015) is a documentary film that explores the current state of the textile industry in London by meeting with remarkable people who are doing their part to make the industry more sustainable. 

pass: fibreshed

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